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Web Design projects for customized platforms is our specialty – many of which are for member-access only. Here are some of our recent works that are publicly accessible.

01. Personal

If you are going to create a blog or personal website, EMG will deliver a polished, sophisticated site with plenty of tools so you can manage and grow as your online presence matures. Realize your goals with a CMS you can handle without being a programmer to facilitate all manner of things, such as animated banner popups, photo galleries, dynamic contact forms, and more.

02. Business

Let us build a website that works with power on the backend so your business can grow – and a professional front-end to deliver that critical great first impression to site visitors. eCommerce web design projects that require custom payment gateways (fiat, cryptocurrency or both) and SEO configs to help you gain market traction while being easy to maintain by your in-house staff.

03. Platform

From eCommerce to job boards, business directories to auction sites, knowledge bases to MLM or affiliate platforms – and everything in between. We can build systems to access a complex database, manage offline subscriptions through an online interface, and anything else your business needs to reach a target audience and be managed without being held hostage by a developer.

EMG Web Design

What We Do

We select web design projects for a wide variety of business needs, both small and large in scope. Most of our clients need customized sites, to reach a niche market target audience or provide specific functionality that does not exist in available themes or platforms. Many have worked with developers or created their own websites using online services and tools, that simply did not deliver the desired results. We do not take on every web design project. We are a boutique design-development studio that focuses on the specific needs of our clients.

Online Wellness

Nutrition, health, fitness and engagement platform for employers.

Kung Fu Plaza

Las Vegas Thai and Chinese Restaurant featuring online ordering and delivery of over 400 menu items.


An educational blog for cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

BC Stray Project

A pet rescue and adoption site with custom PetFinder API integration.

Cost Estimates

Web Design Projects

Estimates are based on how long it takes to complete the build and the level of expertise required. An experienced webmaster can deliver far more efficiently and effectively than an inexperienced one.

We’ve created a calculator to help you determine the cost of your web design project based on desired scope.

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