need_websiteWe’ve all heard the horror stories about evil web developers – but there are equally horrific client stories! There are two sides to every story and the best you can do is avoid being on either side.  In order to get the best service possible, it is helpful for clients to understand the challenges and work with EMG to overcome them.

There is actually a website dedicated to “clients from hell” stories that might be worthwhile taking a look at to understand both sides of the story and never end up being… that client 🙂

Here are ten characteristics of a client that “gets the most for their money” by being the best client they can be:

  1. Communicates expectations clearly.  The number one characteristic of a good client is that they are able to express what they want and need. This ability is vital for EMG to deliver the right service. Although our experience often allows us to deliver what wasn’t asked for, we need some clues to help us out!
  2. Allows a reasonable amount of time for the work.  We understand a lot of clients need or want it “yesterday,” and we are really fast – but the last thing you want is a rushed job full of mistakes and that needs a lot of rework (charged by the hour). A good client understands that quality work takes time and plans accordingly whenever possible.
  3. Available for questions. While EMG can and does work independently, there’s nothing more frustrating than being surprised by an obstacle and unable to reach the client. Smart clients know that it’s cheaper to get it right the first time than to fix it later, so they make themselves available – or at least answer emailed questions promptly.
  4. Pays a fair amount for work required. EMG offers quality work at a reasonable price. Paying less than the market rate often results in a website-horror story. EMG is not cheap and a good client understands that quality work comes at a price.
  5. Pays in a timely fashion. Discuss your payment terms with us before the project begins and then honor those terms. EMG requires a 50% deposit up front for new client websites, the balance remaining to be paid prior to live launch.
  6. Has high integrity. Honesty is at the core of every successful business relationship. Conduct all of your business in an honest and transparent fashion.
  7. Allows us to do our job. If you’ve hired us, then we possess the talent and skill to do the job well. Keep an open mind about what we propose based on our vast experience in building websites and consulting with businesses in a wide variety of industries.
  8. Seeks an ongoing relationship. The best clients understand the value of an ongoing relationship. They don’t want to have to “break-in” a new webmaster or graphic designer with each new project or upgrade.
  9. Gives credit where credit is due. While it’s not always necessary to give credit for a product or service, a discerning client notices and appreciates the extra effort expended on their behalf.
  10. Committed to quality. EMG takes pride in the work done for our clients and we specialize in building sites for clients that want to maintain them in-house. Once a website is turned over to the client, things can go amiss.  We hope you’ll come back if that happens, so we can help you keep your site running smoothly. We also hope our clients are committed to keeping their sites updated and working for them. Technology changes quickly in the field of web-design, so whether a client chooses to allow EMG to update their site, or someone else – we just hope they’ll keep what we helped them start fresh and up-to-date!