EMG presents every client with a quote for services.  That quote is honored with no hidden charges as long as the scope of work is adhered to by the client.  Should the client wish to alter the scope in mid-project; a revised quote will be presented and agreed upon to ensure both parties have a full understanding of the work to be performed, and the payment for services.  There may be times when a task simply cannot or does not need to be estimated, at which time the standard rate for services is $125/hr.

Because services provided by EMG are, well, services – we have a standard policy of 50% non-refundable deposit upon acceptance; and balance due prior to launch of a new website.  For existing site work for websites not hosted on EMG servers, the deposit may vary from 50% to 100%, depending on the scope of the work.  If this seems unreasonable, please understand that our policy became necessary after providing services only to receive payment late, or not at all.  And, this policy is non-negotiable.

We also offer a very limited number of “retainer” services for clients who may need ongoing support, and monthly maintenance plans for clients needing occasional support.  Please be aware that retainer fees and maintenance plan fees are non-refundable once paid, and may be cancelled by the client at any time – but no refund will be issued.

Additionally, we turn around websites as quickly as possible – but sometimes our clients cannot review or provide needed materials within quick turnaround times.  Understandable in most cases, but our policy requires that full payment be remitted when EMG has completed the scope of work – regardless of whether the client is ready for us to take the site completely live.  Should this situation occur, clients have 60 days after full payment to provide data, graphic materials, images, etc. that may still need to be revised or edited on the site.  After 60 days, the scope of work is considered to be complete and any additional work will be billed at the standard rate of $125/hr. or under new quote for services.

EMG makes every effort to work quickly, efficiently and professionally – often exceeding expectations for time required to complete a project.

Acceptance of any proposal/estimate/quote or retainer arrangement for services indicates understanding and agreement with all TERMS AND CONDITIONS – so please review carefully.