It is certainly not required that EMG clients host their websites on EMG servers.  EMG has many clients that host their sites on a variety of hosts such as GoDaddy, HostGator, etc.  The fact is, clients that host their sites on EMG servers require a high greater level of service offered by almost any web host on the market.  Specifically – web development and website maintenance.  It should also be understood that EMG has specific requirements that clients must adhere to in order to be hosted on EMG servers.

So…where does an EMG-hosted website live?


Our servers are located in a colocation datacenter.  Colocation service is server hosting wherein EMG’s physical servers are placed at a third party datacenter.  Meaning…EMG has purchased its own server hardware and software licenses and places them in a datacenter. With this type of hosting, EMG has the flexibility to manage, customize, secure and maintain servers – while the datacenter provides the server space, security, redundancy, controlled air temperature, UPS and managed server solutions.

Colocation is probably the most expensive type of server hosting and is preferred by people who are experienced in server administration.  The facility is staffed 24/7 – and EMG’s Server Tech for over 10 years…also happens to work at the datacenter where EMG servers are pysically located. EMG servers are stored in a secure datacenter with more bandwidth, fire protection, backup generators, and security than a normal office or home.

The services EMG offers are beyond the realm of typical managed hosting providers, which have a cookie cutter approach and can host thousands of home pages cheaply. Enterprise-class endeavors like that which EMG provides is too exotic for average web hosts.

The datacenter where EMG servers are housed is a premier provider of Colocation, Disaster Recovery, and Managed IT solutions for businesses across the US and beyond. The company owns and operates a 14,000 square foot datacenter facility, which services local, national, and international clients.

While all of this is important – the most important feature of hosting with EMG is the option clients have to obtain “webmaster” support.  EMG clients are specially chosen for hosting on EMG servers because they also require a full- or part-time “webmaster” to meet their development needs and/or maintain their websites.  EMG offers as-needed hourly support, monthly maintenance and retainer plans – because keeping your website secure, while ensuring content is up-to-date, fresh, and engaging is not only critical, it takes time and requires expertise.

When you choose EMG Maintenance & Support, it’s like having your own webmaster working right there for you — at a tiny fraction of the cost.