EMG Websites excels at delivering quality websites in record time – simply because we are web design experts. Most of our clients need the mechanics and configurations of getting online handled for them – and they need it FAST. The best way to get your website designed, developed and launched quickly and efficiently is to hire someone with mad skills. Web design experts know how to breeze through the mechanics and are very familiar with essential elements that need to be added to every site build. This alone can cut the development time drastically because it eliminates the need to retrace your steps.

EMG offers many different types of services and handles design, creation, and deployment on a level most so-called web design experts would never consider. We have the ability to offer such a high level of service due to several factors…

  1. We’ve literally been building websites since the Internet launched.
  2. We’ve built websites for our own wide variety of business niches, as well as hundreds of different industries for clients.
  3. We’ve upgraded and/or rebuilt hundreds of sites for companies that remained clients for many years.
  4. We’ve been using all the major applications and tools since version #1 vs. diving in recently to only to master a few.

We had a client contact us at 2:30 pm, providing a domain name, desired color scheme, and a brief explanation of their needs. That’s it – no new content or descriptions, no new graphics, just the same tired content from an existing site… The client needed a new website live by 10:00 am the next day that had some “wow factor” and desperately needed to be able to pull up the site during a key Board of Directors meeting.

After explaining this quest – via one email – they asked: “Can you do it?”
Our answer: “Yes. We are web design experts. We got this.”

Their website was live by 6:00 am the next day and the meeting was successful. They are still a valued client, and that same website has seen numerous upgrades and revisions – many of which they were able to accomplish themselves. However, it all started in less than 24-hours.

EMG has a number of longtime clients that don’t even ask “can you do this?” anymore. They just briefly communicate the details and we deliver. They’ve come to know that we can deliver whatever it is they need and that we do it fast with little involvement on their part. Our clients have learned that we are web design experts and they take full advantage of that with almost every project.

Of course, we do have clients that are very specific in regards to content, as well as those who just need help getting started and then take off on their own to further develop their site. The point is: EMG provides the web design expert service needed when you need it and for as long as you need it. No less, and a whole lot more!